Aya Fancy Jewelry&Rugs

Husret Abi is a young entrepreneur and Founder of AYAFANCY JEWELRY & RUGS. He started with the rug business in 2005 in Istanbul.

In 2016 he moved his rug business to California, USA. He currently owns a beautiful retail rug store named RUBY RUGS in Berkeley, California.

He knew he wanted to focus on creating a new business of fine hand knotted rugs. His love of this ancient and beautiful handwoven art shows when he talks about the history of rugs and their designs. 

Even though his first love is luxurious traditional designed rugs; Husret is inspired by the new stylish looks of modern rugs which is very clear to see in the Ruby Rugs showroom in Berkeley, California.

Starting my own jewelry business was always a dream for me says Husret Abi. In 2020 during the pandemic he started the construction of todays’ AYAFANCY jewelry bulding. After almost 2 years of construction he built a unique, modern and very fancy building for his Jewelry and rug business.

When naming his new business AYAFANCY, he drew inspiration from his modern architecture and neighboring landmark Hagia Sophia Mosque & Museum.

In august 2021 AYAFANCY Jewelry & Rugs opened its door for business.


Established in the year 2000 in Istanbul's historic and touristic district of Sultanahmet, Aya Fancy offers a rich array of products reflecting traditional Turkish arts and culture. This family-owned business, located in the heart of Istanbul, presents both local and international customers with traditional Turkish jewelry and rugs.

The store is filled with handmade and specially woven rugs sourced from all corners of Turkey. These Anatolian-origin rugs captivate with their unique colors, patterns, and craftsmanship. The store owners provide customers with information on carpet selection and care, helping them find the right product. Additionally, Turkish kilims and other textile products can be found in the store.

In the jewelry section, elegant and sophisticated jewelry inspired by Ottoman and Turkish traditions is showcased. Crafted using gold and silver, these ornaments are adorned with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other precious stones. Each piece has been masterfully crafted and meticulously designed.

For visitors wishing to experience the essence of Istanbul and get a close-up look at traditional Turkish handicrafts, Aya Fancy is one of the most exceptional places in Sultanahmet. With years of experience and a friendly service approach, this store stands out with its reliable and high-quality products.

By visiting Aya Fancy Jewelry and rugs in Sultanahmet, you can start discovering the rich culture and art of Turkey. This venue, where you can buy unforgettable gifts for yourself and your loved ones, will become an unforgettable part of your Istanbul experience.